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  • 2007 Holden Commodore

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  • Jun 2020
    Very nice to drive and reliable.
    —RS AUTO LIMITED - 2007 Holden COMMODORE SV6, Timing Chain Just Been Replaced
  • Jun 2020
    Great car so far and we carried on our holiday there after with no issues to date
    —Hamish C - 2007 Holden Commodore VE S V6
  • May 2020
    I love the car 😍
    —Hayden M - 2007 Holden Commodore Calais
  • May 2020
    Very happy
    —Terrence L - 2007 Holden Commodore SS-V Automatic
  • Mar 2020
    This is my dream car, I'm so happy with this
  • Mar 2020
    I'm very happy with my 2007 Holden commodore thank you all
    —Robert V - 2007 Holden Commodore OMEGA SEDAN AUTO
  • Mar 2020
    We bought this one with low kms to replace our existing one with higher kms due to our love of the first one We have had a great run out of it and enjoy the comfort, performance and reliability it has given us.
    —Craig D - 2007 Holden Commodore CALAIS-V V8, LOW KMS
  • Mar 2020
    So far so good. No issues as of yet.
    —NAtasha C - 2007 Holden Commodore SV6 LOWERED ON 20'S
  • Feb 2020
    Not as economical as the older model's
    —David T - 2007 Holden Commodore SEDAN V6 AUTO
  • Feb 2020
    Fantastic car
    —Paul W - 2007 Holden Commodore SS SEDAN AUTO
  • Feb 2020
    I just love everything about my new definitely gets a lot of looks and people comment on it all the time!
    —Lenise S - 2007 Holden Commodore SV6 LOWERED ON 20'S
  • Feb 2020
    She's a beast, you hear her before you see her, loved this car from the moment I saw it online and until I was standing in front of her but when I slid the key in and turned her over......... WOW at that moment I knew I had achieved the peak enjoyment of my 17 years as a licensed driver and I dont know if anything will ever be able to compete.
    —Joshua S - 2007 Holden Commodore SS SEDAN AUTO
  • Feb 2020
    holden all day wouldnt own another car
    —Adam N - 2007 Holden commodore GTS SUPERCHARGED
  • Jan 2020
    Watch out for speed cameras These cars will easily be going faster than you think. Bit on the thirsty side but it is a 6ltre. Enjoy👍
    —Adam D - 2007 Holden Commodore CALAIS-V SEDAN V8 AT
  • Dec 2019
    Running great so far. Was tidy & clean.
    —Peata M - 2007 Holden Commodore SV6 SEDAN AUTO
  • Nov 2019
    Beautiful car
    —Jason S - 2007 Holden Commodore SS V
  • Nov 2019
    vehicle was in great condition.overall just a great vehicle
    —Robert M - 2007 Holden Commodore CALAIS SEDAN V6 AUTO
  • Oct 2019
    Fantastic car love driving it
    —Dylan C - 2007 Holden Commodore SS SEDAN AUTO
  • Oct 2019
    Thirsty but to be expected. Plenty of power and drives smooth and comfortable.
    —Basil P - 2007 Holden Commodore SS-V
  • Oct 2019
    is a great car getting used to it after having a american car ,nice to have all the bottons and extras
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